>> Duration:

6 Days 5 Nights

>> Itinerary:

From March to November

Booking in Advance


>> Participants:

2 - 8 Persons


>> Activities: <<

1. Surfing Learning Lessons

2. Visit to the Crocodile Sanctuary Within the National Park

3.Walking Throw The Reserve and Hiking to a Highlight Spot to Watch the Sunset

4. Activity Within Our Sea Turtle Conservation Project

5. Free Time to Surf and Enjoy The Beautyful Beaches of Lagunas de Chacahua National Park



1. Surfing Learning Lessons



Surfing is one of the most fun and incredible sports to learn, however it is an activity that requires an experienced professional teacher to carry out this activity safely, and enough days of practice to reach the beginner level Because of this, surfing camps are ideal to acquire enough knowledge and practice to learn and enjoy this incredible sport that will undoubtedly leave an unforgettable experience in your life.



>> We will carry out a couple of lessons per day in which an expert teacher in the subject will teach us the theory and practice to be able to learn all the technical and safety aspects, to learn to surf in a safe and dynamic way, during These lessons our teacher will accompany us at all times and we can start surfing some small waves to be able to level up little by little and in order that in the last lessons the participants can surf some waves by themselves.









2. Visit to the Crocodile Sanctuary Within the National Park



Lagunas de Chacahua National Park is the natural habitat of various species of crocodiles and has a specialized sanctuary for study and protection, since within the National Park, there are communities that sometimes come into contact with these animals and with In order to avoid accidents, this sanctuary is created for study, rehabilitation and reintroduction to its natural habitat.



  >> This activity consists of a guided visit to the Crocodile Sanctuary, where we can closely observe and learn from these incredible reptiles that have lived on our planet for millions of years and that unfortunately are in danger of extinction, due to ignorance and the conflict with humans in their natural habitat.







3.Walking Throw The Reserve and Hiking to a Highlight Spot to Watch the Sunset



On the beaches that are within this incredible National Park we will be able to observe incredible sunsets, so we will carry out a walk where we will climb one of the small mountains that form one of the coasts of this beautiful national park from where we can observe one of the more incredible landscapes and we can enjoy a beautiful sunset surrounded by nature.







4. Activity Within Our Sea Turtle Conservation Project



Lynx Foundation carries out projects for the protection of wildlife species, among them one of the most important projects that we have carried out is the Sea Turtle Rescue Project, in which we have been working with the communities of various municipalities where they live, mainly on the coasts of Oaxaca and Quintana Roo, carrying out monitoring of various species, cleaning of nests and mainly environmental education



 >> In this activity, you will have the opportunity to participate in this project supporting the conservation of Sea Turtles, depending on the time of year that the Surf Camp takes place, you will be able to participate in activities such as monitoring, nest cleaning and / or environmental education with the communities of the region. .







5. Free Time to Surf and Enjoy The Beautyful Beaches of Lagunas de Chacahua National Park



In Lagunas de Chacahua National Park we can find some of the most beautiful beaches in Oaxaca, Mexico and probably the world, in them we can find an incredible destination to rest and get away from everyday life, surrounded by nature and biodiversity.



 >> During the days that we will be visiting the natural park, in addition to the surfing lessons, we will have additional time to surf, if you wish we will have surfboards available at different times during the days of our camp in case you want to practice for your account, we will also have additional / optional activities such as bioluminescence swimming and boat tours to carry out birdwatching and biodiversity in the lagoon or you can enjoy and rest on the beautiful beaches of the national park.








SurfCamp Chacahua Oaxaca National Park



>> 2 Persons:

$8,900 MXN p.p



>> 3 Persons:

$8,200 MXN p.p


>> 4 - 12 Persons:

$8,000 MXN p.p


Minors De 6 a 12 Aņos:

$6500 MXN p.p



Conservation Fees are Per Person and Includes The Following:


>> Transportation - CDMX - Lagunas de Chacahua - CDMX

>> Lodging on the Beach

>> 5 Surf Lessons with Duration of One Hour

>> Surf Board and Boogie Board Rentals During Surf Lessons

>> Surfboard Rental one Hour Daily For Free Use

>> Guided Visit to the Crocodile Sanctuary

>> Walk through the Reserve and Climb to Observe the Sunset

>> Sea Turtle Conservation Activity

>> Free time to rest and / or carry out additional activities


>> Food:

 Breakfasts: The Package Includes 6 Breakfasts, 1 During the CDMX - Chacahua Trip and 5 Beachfront Breakfasts with Various Options to Choose (Eggs to Taste, Hotcakes, Fruit with Yogurt, etc) and a Drink (Orange Juice, Coffee, Tea, Regional Fruit Water, etc).


>> Lunch / Dinner:

Since all participants have different tastes and / or needs for lunch and dinner, these are not included in the package, however, we can recommend various places to eat and / or dinner according to your needs / budget .




Aditional Activities:


The additional activities will be carried out subject to availability and depending on how many people are interested in doing them, in case they are few people, we will seek to bring our group together with other people to carry them out


>> Swim in Bioluminescence

(Approximate Cost $600.00 Per Person)  


>> Tour of the Chacahua Lagoon by Boat for Bird Watching and Biodiversity

 (Approximate Cost $ 500.00 Per Person)




Departing Point



Hotels in CDMX

Mexico City Airport

Puerto Escondido




Conservation fees help us to continue with our conservation and environmental education programs